Sample Letter of Recommendation
Sample College Recommendation


Recommendation for:_____________________

_____________ is a conscientious student who has a positive attitude toward education and is highly motivated to attend college.  He is a willing worker and has demonstrated a mature sense of priorities.  He is a steady performer with well organized study habits.  ______________ for several years has held part-time jobs working as ______________, as  ____________ and in a _____________ company.  In addition to the financial benefits of his employment, his work experience has given him a sense of independence, self reliance and confidence interacting with adults.

In addition to meeting his academic and employment responsibilities, ____________ has been an enthusiastic and valuable member of the high school Varsity ____________ team.  His dedication to the sport, competitive spirit and excellent sportsmanship qualities enhance his talent on the field.  __________________ demonstrates an admirable loyalty and cooperation in his relationships with his teammates and is highly respected by his peers for these qualities.  Last year, _______________ was selected to the _____________ team.

_____________________ would like to pursue a future career in the area of ________________.  He is interested in _________________ and __________________ and appears to posses the intellectual curiosity and aptitude to be very successful in this area.  _________________ is a mature young man who is willing to work hard and persevere to achieve his goals.  He is well prepared with the background and conscientious study habits to be very successful in a competitive college program.  I recommend him to you with confidence.



Guidance Counselor


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